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Ahemdabad, 2021

Client: Shri.Parth Soni

Keywords: Architecture, Interior, Landscape

Area: 73650 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Shivansh, Nishant

Write up Courtesy: Vibhuti

A 3BHK bungalow contemplating landscape in the outskirt of Ahmedabad. On entering the site, a curved directed pathway leads to the bungalow, where the breathtaking views are hidden behind a plain wall making one inquisitive. Walls are referred to as ‘planes’ which are placed parallelly and thus the whole bungalow is hidden, following the concept of “play in the hidden planes.” 

As one enters the bungalow, it leads to an open-to-sky court and open living spaces gives a gladdening experience. Living and dining spaces are oriented to the scenery and swimming pool area and well-linked with the kitchen and utility for the services. Connectivity of spaces is well defined as per the privacy and affinity. Ample open and lit spaces are kept providing a relaxing experience. Between the spaces small pockets are kept to add artworks and sculptures on the wall. The southwestern walls go high to obstruct the harsh sun, while the slant wall behind not only adds aesthetics but also acts as a service shaft.

The bedrooms are oriented in the east side to welcome the morning light which further opens in the garden where one can take sip of tea in morning sun, enduring the landscape. Wide open balconies with the bedrooms have planters protruding through them adding a sense of serenity and beautifies the bungalow. Both balconies and the machan, serve as a viewpoint towards the dreamily merging landscape, emphasizing the connection between architecture and nature. The landscape spaces are productive, intricated with kitchen gardens, fruit orchids and seasonal trees highlighting the charmer of a space. A deck on the other side of the site, is surrounded by mounds which gives an induced feeling of relaxation and privacy.

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