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Udaipur, 2021

Client: Udaipur Smart City Limited

Keywords: Landscape, Architecture

Area: 250 M

Status: WIP

Design Team: Shivansh,Margi, Harmisha, Hozefa, Rashi, Meet

Write up Courtesy: Hozefa

Picture Courtesy: Studio 2+2

Winner winner, chicken dinner! The Chetak street design was a Government organised Competition project. The site was located in the heart of the city of Udaipur, with a rich historical and cultural context beginning from the Chetak circle sheltering the sculpture of the infamous horse, Chetak.
The main design challenges were the haphazard public parking spaces and the chaotic street market which had to be readdressed. Hence the design was thought of as a Pseudo street, which led us to the idea of Pedestrian first. The design focuses on utilising all the defunct spaces along the 350m stretch of street without compromising on the public utilities like parking spaces, hawkers’ area and other public amenities. The main intentions were to include public activities into the street structure since these activities are the living elements of the street.
The seating-planter modules are carved in a way which brings more experiences rather than boring hardscapes. Thus, the pathway is actually defined with the sole purpose of assembling the hawkers, the walkway and natural fauna together.

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