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Bangalore, 2021

Client: Archimedes

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 388900 sqft

Status: Completed

Design Team: Shivansh, Margi, Viral

Write up Courtesy: Vibhuti

Picture Courtesy: Archimedes

The grounds of IISC had to be created keeping in mind not only the existing educational campus but also the upcoming hospital grounds. The focus throughout the project was to understand the needs of the users.

The hospital grounds focus on the concept of therapeutic gardens. It is essential that the landscaping not only serve the aesthetics of the space but also contribute to the functions of the hospital and creates a safe aura for the users. With simple design decisions like covering the pathways with green creepers or adding a net in the planters for visually impaired persons to count and understand the position of the plant, the area has been made convenient for the users.

The idea of IISC, Bangalore revolves around the idea of creating a blissful atmosphere for the users of the space. Keeping in mind the safety, security as well as aesthetics, and sustainability. The space aims at bringing calm to the lives of the patients, their families, and the staff.

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