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Ahemdabad, 2022

Client: Shivalik Group

Keywords: Architecture, Interior, Landscape

Area: 234445 sqft

Status: Completed

Design Team: Shivansh, Sneha, Margi, Ankita

Write up Courtesy: Vibhuti

Secluded in the luxurious suburbs of the city, Kanjari stands in all its glory surrounded by screens of green. Kanjari has been the epitome of the three worlds – landscape, architecture, and interiors colliding to create one extraordinary space.


This exceptional space has been crafted to integrate the lush outdoors with the pleasant indoors. With full-height glass replacing exterior walls, the interiors light up with scenic views of the surrounding landscape. With a palm-lined courtyard bringing in more ventilation and light through the private sectors, to indulge in the zen of the home. With a comforting color palette on the interior and soothing views of the garden from the exterior, one can unwind in the cool balance of the space. Adorned with a massive water body and an extensive flora selection, the ecosystem of the space has not been tarnished.


Fruit Orchards and vegetable gardens have been inculcated to make the site self-sustainable. Intermingling pathways keep the observer engaged in the gardens for hours together. With strategically placed sittings throughout the site, one can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

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