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Kigali, Rwanda, 2021

Client: Archimedes

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 720300 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Shivansh, Margi, Harmisha, Arshav

Write up Courtesy: Vibhuti

A healing space is what the landscapes of Kigali seem like. Lush and large trees fill up the site in every free space. The huge grounds of Kigali, allow a soothing ecosystem to thrive, creating bliss in the atmosphere with its extensive palette of flora. The design has been done keeping in mind the variety of users, patients, doctors, and visitors alike.

With the main goal to create a soothing space that heals people, numerous elements defining the same character are linked together. Flowing waters, blooming flower beds, spaces of interaction and connection with nature, Kigali grounds provide it all. Spaces like the amphitheatre and the central court, invite the users to sit, relax and converse with one another. All of this is tied together with the huge pathway, where one can spend hours loitering and soaking in the bliss that nature has to provide. 

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