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Ahmedabad, 2021

Client: Dhanani Developers

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 15710 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Janki, Rashi

Write up Courtesy: Rashi

Picture Courtesy: Studio Flamebirds

A residential landscape housing project have a major objectives which fulfil the needs of the residing families, so while keeping that thought in mind we had developed a landscape which is simpler in style with almost nil articulation, but each space defined by one dominant component.
The rectangular lawn rimmed by the jogging track, as you proceed and change the direction you find a new component. In one of the shorter side of the lawn small linear amphitheatre is situated with one extruded sculpture in the corner then as we move forward cascading water fall, in between the waterbody huge tree pots are placed creates a pleasing effect and it seems like a perfect combination of blues and greens.
After that play area arrives which is enclosed by arches from all the 4 sides. Arches we have integrated in such a modern design so that a relationship between the building and landscape remain blended with other as building elevation also consist of arches. In the end shaded seating plaza for the senior citizens group of people has been developed which also includes some specimen trees having some medicinal benefits also and commonly used by our Indian families. In this way the journey ends as well as the track also but the matter of fact is the wonderful experience which we have tried to create in such a small space.

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