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Ahemdabad, 2020

Client: Shri.Piyush Modi

Keywords: Architecture, Interior, Landscape

Area: 1200 sqft

Status: Completed

Design Team: Shivansh, Sneha

Write up Courtesy: Vibhuti

With the complete package of architecture, interior, and landscape, this modern tiny home creates a cozy space for its residents. With spacious living areas which open in the lush gardens or privacy maintaining bedrooms, the space is inviting and cheerful for the users. 


Themed over the concept of linearity, edges and sharp lines are seen in the design. Circular elements in the interiors break the monotony of the theme. With a subtle, earthy color palette and framed pops of color, the house strikes a comforting balance in the interiors. The elevation of the house exhibits a cantilevered mass, creating a focal point in the elevation. With modernist design and comforting and innovative interiors, Modi House serves as the perfect attraction for a mini getaway. 


The strategically positioned gazebo acts as a common space for the Modi House and the adjoining house block. The cool green lawn is lined with a carefully selected plant palette, which serves calming views into the interiors of the house.

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