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Lucknow, 2019

Client: Shri. Niket Verma

Keywords: Architecture, Interior, Landscape

Area: 7975 sqft

Status: Completed

Design Team: Meet, Margi, Viral, Arpee

Write up Courtesy: Divyanshi

Picture Courtesy: Manish Sharma

Situated in ‘ the City of Nawabs’, our client has a family of wife, 2 sons and a daughter and is a firm believer in Vaastu shastra. He had a previously built residence on the same plot and extended to adjacent plot to get a vast site for his dream residence, ‘Neem’.
Client required a traditional elevation yet with a European touch , thus the amalgamation of two styles lead to the Neo-Classical concept of Neem which beautifully blends with Lucknow’s architecture. In this 5BHK bungalow, there is a double heighted entrance, in entrance lobby leading to formal and informal living spaces on either side and a small office as per the client’s requirement . Also, Client had a specific requirement of direct entry to the second floor which is the activities zone keeping the private zones undisturbed. To achieve the privacy of the indoor spaces keeping them private. In midst of spaces, there are small courts with dense plantations creating a “private oasis.” A peaceful, meditative temple court adds a flow of pious energies inside the house. To define a focus point and attract the eyes of beholder double heighted dining is kept. All the activities zone is on the second floor. Interiors of the neem also compliments its architecture. Small sculpture niches are designed to highlight and add to aesthetics to the interior spaces.

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