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Ahemdabad, 2019

Client: Shri. Dipak Nimbark

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 34360 sqft

Status: Completed

Design Team: Shivansh, Janki

Write up Courtesy: Chaitali

Picture Courtesy: Inclined Studio

“Home is where greens are engraved”, Sharda house truly justifies the fact how greens play a significant role in nurturing space. Sharda house is a perfect amalgamation of hardscapes and softscapes to balance the mind. Elegant entrance featured waterbody welcomes you with warmth. Play of levels throughout the space is itself an experience. One can truly sense a tropical vibe by exploring all the elements.
Inner courts add character to the place. Courts are designed to make one experience the calmness within you and to connect you with nature. Entrance of the house adds drama to the space by blending hardscapes and softscapes with the abstraction of line fingers. Sharda house is a flawless blend of nature.

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