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Ahemdabad, 2021

Client: Vivaan Group

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 14611 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Mansi, Naurin

Write up Courtesy: Divyanshi

Picture Courtesy: Design Pixel Studio

Based in Ahmedabad, a residential scheme under Empire group, Sky Revanta is an experiential landscape with amalgamation of varied geometries and lines. The theme is to depict a zone of biodiversity, and not merely a place to walk around. Use of majestic trees, addition of tender wildflowers through the residential premises. Thus, a trapezoidal based form is adopted, repeated and generated in multiple geometries from the same and used as a stepped seating, planters, deck and pergolas, shrub beds, flooring patterns, water bodies, tree pits, etc.
Three zone-based divisions are made as per the age groups – a kids play zone , a gathering plaza and a senior citizens area. All these zones are interlinked and yet separated with the help of tree pits and shrubs beds in between. A geometrical flooring pattern creates a directed movement and giving a certain experience to the residents. In addition, a terrace garden ensuing the same theme is incorporated merging with the overall landscape.

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