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Ahemdabad, 2021

Client: Solaire developers

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 40742 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Janki, Margi

Write up Courtesy: Kiran

Picture Courtesy: Eyecon

Suitably designed landscape for residential projects promotes community interaction further stimulating a sense of culture and ethnicity defining its own people. A key purpose here is to bridge the gap between built, hardscape and softscape with a smooth flow, also considering spaces for societal functions and activities.
The residential premises welcomes one by a fascinating half-moon sculpture originating a water fall. The landscape is made a focal point with a central lawn enclosed by various features. The pathways swirl around the lawn with green belts on its either sides, customised with flexible furniture and landscape elements which include swings, movable pots, and shrub beds, semi-shaded seating and hedges. This pathway is designed in such a way that the hardscape elements can be moved in case of emergency. The kids’ play area is under the shade of trees; formed at a non-hindering node of the service road.
Terrace gardening constitutes play of shade and shadow by punctured partition walls with movable planter-cum-seatings. Several activity zones are created with a variation in semi-shaded areas like deck spaces and seating under triangular pergolas.

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