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Ahemdabad, 2019

Client: Arayan Developers

Keywords: Interior

Area: 2000 sqft

Status: Completed

Design Team: Shivansh, Sneha, Suraj

Write up Courtesy: Kiran

The interiors aim at providing cliental comfort and insight to the construction work by the office. The division of spaces pays attention to the semi-private and private requirements of clients. The reception desk is intricate in detail just as the sculpture on the wall embossed with the map and highlighting the landmark – the brand’s office.

The open waiting area is supplemented by casual comfortable seating with an abstract backdrop of the skyline the brand is producing curated with wood and glass, giving one’s thoughts a translucent connection to the office’s work.

The flooring, jali, and wallpaper follow the theme of abstract geometry. The lobby leading to the private cubicles is ornated with jali and glass on either side providing filtered shade. Whereas, the translucent films on the cubicle glass provide a visual connection.

The partition wall is framed with wood and metal frame to divide the open space to a semi-private space for discussion with the clients. The main cabin is open and well-lit by natural light, with a touch of minimalism and a blue-grey palette. The overall office has a casual and approachable setting for the clients’ ease.

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