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vishwanath samam

Ahemdabad, 2019

Client: Vishwanath Builders

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 27950 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Shivansh, Rashi, Sonu

Write up Courtesy: Rashi

It is the transformation of a compact apartment to feel immersive that lead to the concept of transparency and freshness. Each product therefore, is created instead to make it part of the rhythm that the concept requires.

The sense of openness is achieved through glass partitions both plain and fluted as connectors for thorough vision. Whereas mirror illusion is used to make the spaces feel expansive. It is the color green that adds freshness to spaces. Shades of green defines the interior as it unravels in different forms, from splash on wall to partition frames in a proportion that neither underwhelm nor overwhelm.

To make the apartment even lighter, the grooving details are given in many of the furniture pieces along with wall treatment. The changes in materials makes it playful, be it stone textured wall covering or the patterned flooring specific to a space.

The living room is enveloped in textures, the merge of wood, stone textured wall covering, and fluted white wall gives it rustic accent. Where a minimal touch of green is given through only indoor plants. The visual connection of this space is to the dining area where a feature light anchors the space with a kitchen opening on one side and background of pastel green wall on the other. Along with light the ceiling is converted into a play of circular grooves. This green wall is one of the enclosures of study space with patterned flooring with a window to the outsides, and another connection to the kid’s room. The anchor feature of the kid’s room is rather a hidden one [hidden closet]. The bunk beds feature playful steps connected by strings to the wooden frame.

The master bedroom however, is enclosed only in white as a background to the closet of wood and glass to make the space feel vast. The anchor of this room is the sculpture of metal fish over the bed with grooved headboard.

When each partition is opened up, the apartment feels to be turned into a boundless space with mirror optical illusion and fresh color palette.

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